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April Special: Free NYC & North NJ Shipping & Assembly!
April Special: NYC Free Shipping & Assembly

Help & Information

Placing an Order

Order Online

When you place an order through our website it will be secure, fast, and easy. You can make changes and review what you have entered nearly every step of the way. The best thing about ordering online? You can shop 24 hours a day.

Order Confirmation

Once you place your order, you’ll be taken to the Order Confirmation screen, which indicates we've received your order and provides you with a confirmation number. We'll also send you an automatic email confirmation to let you know that your order has been placed! This email acts as your receipt and will include your confirmation number, verification of the items purchased, and any other applicable information. Please confirm all information is correct; if any changes need to be made, please contact us at

You may always check on your order status by contacting us and we’d be happy to address any of your questions or concerns. Our fulfillment team doesn't always have the answers but they'll at least make something up to tell you what you want to hear! We're pretty sure no one has ever read this far down the page so we feel safe saying that. Hi mom!